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together. you can see a lot of the bands are affecting southern new england but the concentrated areas of bands are far off shore and that's good. look at the radar. heavy showers are pushing through new york and long island, also up in to southeastern new york. although their heaviest rain will roll in tonight as the storm moves its way north and eastward. speaking of new england, we will have a live report now in yarmouth, massachusetts. >> reporter: today marks the start of the labor day weekend an the traditional end of the summer holiday season, but for a lot of folks out there they are thinking it is time for sun, sand and surf but for people here in massachusetts they are thinking of heading to safety. >> hi, sir. they want cape coders to know there is shelter from the storm. >> latest you can go in. >> anytime, anytime. >> reporter: if the winds are strong, they will be stuck. >> if it gets to 70 miles an hour they shut the bridges.
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>> so get off early. >> that's right. >> not everyone is running from the storm. >> i'm going. >> reporter: the suntanned staff at the surf shop says his biggest hope is earl brings big waves. still this is a hurricane and when it is labor day weekend and 26 million americans are affected by earl, most are probably thinking -- >> i don't like him. >> reporter: hurricane earl flooded roads in north carolina and left thousands without power, but damage was minimal and no injuries were reported. earl swirled up the eastern seaboard. earl lost some punch and downgraded to a category one. >> puppet to live on the water that's one of the risks you take. >> reporter: so what's next? after earl hits here in southeastern massachusetts, it's going to turn north and head up to maine about the canadian coastal provinces. one fact that came up in the last hour is the fact that the
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hurricane center said that by the time earl hits here, it's probably going to be a tropical storm. live in massachusetts. >> thank you. indeed. it is moving so fast as we get to the early-morning hours on saturday it will be up to, past parallel of maine. looks like it is getting nicer in ocean city. scott broom is on the boardwalk there. tell us about what happened and what is going on now. >> topper, just like you predicted, we wasn't from stormy conditions to a beautiful afternoon in a very short period of time. although earlier today, at the peak of the storm, there were a few dramatic moments for people on the beach and for buys with the u.s. coast guard. but as earl is on the way out of here, on the spot where we are standing here, it was the sea wall that saved the
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boardwalk. where there used to be peach, hurricane-tossed oceans slammed against the sea wall in ocean city. >> i love it. doesn't bother me a bit. >> reporter: because has hard for the beach patrol which is on duty to keep people off of flooded beaches. >> we don't want people out there because they can be knocked down and swept away. >> reporter: the surf measured ten to 12 feet high. for a perspective, the coast guard sent out boats to patrol an the master chief on the mission brought this video back. they trained for trouble. at ocean city's inlet, earl was like a celebrity guest with his own paparazzi, everyone with a camera or cell phone wanted photos of the big surf an the jet skiers brave enough to play. >> what are you doing down here? >> checking out the waves. seeing how earl is going to come in. i think our friends can come in from bethesda. >> reporter: today the good news is the ocean doesn't look
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inviting. people will stay out. tomorrow is what we are worried about. spectacular weekend, and people will go to the beach but the water will still be treacherous. >> reporter: so the beach patrol is expecting trouble trying to keep people safe tomorrow. you can see the difference from the pictures i showed you from 1:00 today until what it looks like now. people are out on the beach. the water receded. the sea wall did its job and they had to close the gates on the sea wall here in ocean city and that was a precaution that ended up paying dividends because if it had not been closed the boardwalk and some streets may have flooded. ocean city is now looking forward to a fun holiday weekend with great weather. live in ocean city, scott broom, 9 news now. >> i blogged about this. it maybe counterintuitive to some but not to weather folks but our nor'easters this winner can did more damage than that glove glancing blow of earl. emergency managers in virginia
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beach were worried that earl may slap them with a right hook. tens of thousands of tourists left before the big weekend but bruce leshan reports in hindsight they probably could have ridden it out. >> reporter: earl is just about out of virginia beach and they are getting back to business. the business here, of course, tourism. they are pulling away the sand berm they set up around the stage for the american music festival. tens of thousands of people, and they are expecting chicago, reo speed waggen and pat benatar. it kicks off tonight. call it dancing with earl. even at 3:00 a.m., people were out romancing the storm. in the darking winds gusted to a high of maybe 20 miles an hour. at daybreak, thed a venturous took to the beach. even walt waltzing in the water. awed by the waves and majesty of a hurricane that skirted far enough off the virginia beach ocean front to offer just a
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cares reinstead of a punch. >> it is something magic about being out there. >> oh, it is. very fresh. don't get it all the time. the wind feels great. >> reporter: the biggest threat now, the waves and tide may eat up part of the multimillion- dollar beach here. for some the storm was disappointing, but probably, for most, a real relief. >> all right. here's virginia beach's tally on damage. are you ready, are you sitting down, one tree down, eight families without power and no real flooding. let's go to live doppler. go back to yarmouth and you can see the winds not crazy strong. 29-mile an hour winds yarmouth and 20-mile an hour windsor south of providence. the winds haven't picked up there yet. we will come back and talk about the weather at our beaches an the holiday forecast. so we have major delays on amtrak to talk about tonight.
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amtrak is suspending all service between new york and boston. officials say an overhead electrical system in connecticut was damaged by a falling tree and that disrupted service. you can factor earl in the shut down, as well. passengers on the new york boston corridor are being returned to their stations. passengers are encouraged to call 800-usa-rail for scheduling information an updates on when it will be back to normal. new at 6:00, a missing teen alert. this is a 19-year-old autistic man from germantown. he was last seen at rock terrace school. the location martins lane and rockville. she five foot phi and 130- pounds. yesterday he was wearing a white and black striped shirt, and white sneakers, and blew jean shorts. call police if you have seen this man. discovery headquarters remained closed today. yesterday police searched the
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home of james j. lee that he rented in wheaton. now police are looking for his car. they hope it will provide them with more evidence as to what set him off to take three employees hostage. security experts say the company appeared prepared for the emergency. have you thought of how your a place of business could handle something lake this happening and what you would do. experts show what us we should do to stay alive in a crisis. big changes on metro starting tonight. we will talk about
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kenny is in for pat pat tonight. heavy and slow around montgomery village and
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continuing through germantown. break away at the truck scales. virginia if you are heading west or south on 676 or 95 and 395 for that matter no problems or delays to report the bay bridge toll plaza, no delays, all clear. so it will be a little easy commute this evening. anita, back to you. >> sounds good. parts of metro's red line will be closed all weekend long. starting on the at 10:00 p.m., metro will close the line from glenmont to fort totten an it will stay that way until tuesday morning. this is so crews can do track work. metro has set up shuttle bus service between the stations. the virginia dmv is trying to make up for a computer outage that lasted several days. it kept people from getting their licenses renewed while getting i.d. cards. governor mcdonnell is ordering an investigation in to the system failure. it will be open all weekend including on labor day monday
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for visitors ' convenience. what do you do when your water is hot, way too hot. hot enough to catch fire? these people may be your neighbors. you don't want to miss this story.
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we know everyone's looking for ways to save.
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why not save on car insurance? [ coin drops ] [ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at in light of the tense hostage situation that played out at discovery communications this week, you may wonder how prepared is your work place? experts say every company needs to have a crisis preparedness game plan. surae chinn worked one such expert and got life saving advice. what did they say? >> montgomery county fire and rescue helps to strategize a plan for discovery communications long before the crisis hit and you at home can be just as prepared. >> we have a man inside with a vest strapped on him and a device in his hand. >> reporter: the result of a calm and orderly reaction with no employees hurt in the
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discovery hostage situation meant matter of preparing for the worst. >> when we walk down here we see we have offices here, where we would direct employees in to. >> we called on ed clark, a crisis preparedness expert to walk us through a game plan. >> if i'm sitting here and there there's an emergency. and i get the call of a hostaguation we go straight in here and we would know that before the crisis. >> get behind the desk area and they know the door is locked and they may move to the next one. >> at the same time it is a trap. one way in and one way out, so then what. >> you have to make an immediate decision. sometimes light maybe the more prompt way. appropriate way. >> to your office doesn't have a plan, your safety is in your own hands so it is important to walk the rout and know the multiple ways to get out of the building to safety. think of your office layout, see how your furniture is arranged and you have a place to hide underneath so no one
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can see you. >> directly behind the suspect. i have visual. >> so you want to follow out. hopefully there will be guidance by the floor captain or someone in charge. make sure, look around that it is clear as can be and come down in an orderly and controlled manner. >> okay. >> reporter: sheltering in place is a good strategy and you want to designate a captain or leader for each floor that can help you calm down an you want to post the plan so your employees can see it and you want to practice the drills every year, just like your school kids do for fire drills every few months. it worked for these employees an it can work for you. we want to know ed clark, who we interviewed in our story, is also running for the montgomery county sheriff. surae chinn in silver spring, 9 news now? great advice. thank you. new at 6:00, the former chairman of the national republican congressional committee pleaded guilty to embezzling $600,000 from the
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organization. testifying in federal court today, christopher ward of bethesda admitted he took money from a fund-raising account an put it in his personal one. some of the embezzled funds were supposed to go that a fund- raising dinner for then president bush. ward could be sentenced to as much as ten years in jail. a story that gives new meaning to the term hot water. water is usually used to put out a fire but one couple is worried because theirs catches on fire. look at this. mark an linda said they started to smell gas after crews dug a water well in the backyard. dominion gas took samples but they don't have official results yet but they say there has to be something in their water because if the flame gets too close it doesn't go out. they say they are using bottled water for cooking and cleaning. probably wise. an unbelievable fish tale, or should i say shark tale on the potomac. willy dean was fishing on the potomac on tuesday and noticed
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something rather large in his net. that's it, a deadly eight foot long bull shark. the 300-pound shark was in the mouth of the potomac, a mile away from point lookout state park and that is a swimming beach. oh, my. read more about your neighborhood news right now at it's news where you live on the front page under where you live. pick your city an read about what is happening in your backyard. we have a team of people gathering that news. and you have been gathering a lot on hurricane earl. >> it is going to be a great weekend. we talked about this on monday, the only caveat is the surf. the forecast for the next three days out of the gate. a little crisp actually. a little touch of fall. 80 tomorrow. breezy and cool. 79 on sunday and only 896 on monday -- 86 on monday. last day you can swim in a lot of pools. we will start in the upper 60s.
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a lot of sunshine. cool start. that's a harbinger of how cool it will get. tomorrow morning is not the cool morning. 76 by lunchtime and 80 by evening. so you can do anything comfortably tomorrow in terms of temperatures. 90 downtown. 86 gaithersburg. 88 manassas. for tonight looking at partly cloudy, breezy, eventually cooler as a cold front has to go through. shower possible. lows in the 80s and winds west northwest at 10 to 15. lows tonight inside the beltway, we are talking upper 60s an we will probably see temperatures eight to ten degrees cooler tomorrow knight and sunday night. but even out to the north it is nice. 63 rockville for a low. 62 gaithersburg. turn the ac off and open the windows. 64 reston and 62 in sterling. tomorrow morning, mostly sunny, breezy and pleasant. 60s and 70s. winds west northwest at 10 to 15. by afternoon, mostly sunny,
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breezy, spectacular, high temperatures of 80. winds west northwest at 10 to 20. show you live doppler and this is what we mean. not safe for a while to swim. these waves are nine feet in bethany. you may see rip currents as well over the weekend. so try to swim at a life guarded beach. the next seven days, 80 tomorrow. breezy and nice. 79 on sunday. mid-80s on labor day. a nice weekend, 90 on tuesday and wednesday and maybe a sprinkle on wednesday and low 80s on thursday and back in the mid to upper 80s next friday. a nice night for football. just a slight chance of a sprinkle with temperatures in the 80s. >> sounds good. from football to baseball, big trouble for morgan. >> the nats star has been a really good guy for his entire career until the last couple of weeks where he has lost his mind a little bit. we may not see him for weeks. that's how long his suspensions
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could last and i said suspensions with an "s "at the end. and plus what this man said at the u.s. open last night that had 23,000 new yorkers blushing. tough to do. here on nine sports next.
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there's something you never hear vince gray talk about: his record running dc's department of human services. why? under gray, dhs lost out on millions of federal dollars for missing paperwork; lost money for the homeless; even lost track of foster children. a court ordered gray's department to improve child services. gray's not a bad guy but he was a bad manager. do we want to go back to that?
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morgan has always been a fun-lovin' guy. he sometimes refers to himself as tony plush, saying that's his gentleman's name. although morgan hasn't been much of a gentleman lately an tonight major league baseball has thrown the book at him. he instigated the bench clearing brawl and was suspended eight games today an fined an undisclosed amount, not just for starting the brawl but two other incidents reason he unnecessarily ran over an opposing catcher and for inappropriate comments toward fans. this is on top of a seven-game suspension he got last week for
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jawing with fans in philadelphia philadelphia. so that's 15 games in total. the nfl announced today that ben roethlisbergers has been reduced from six games to four for good behavior. he was disciplined following sexual assault allegations this spring. he can come back october 17th against the browns. based on the fact that practically none of the guys that will start against the cowboys next sunday started in the preseason finale against arizona or played in the game. here's what we take away from the loss last night. nothing. however, one interesting note regarding who did play last night. namely hanes worst. in a game where the stars pretty much all got to rest, shanahan made big al play all four quarters and practically every defensive snap. an the round mound of frown was none too pleased about it.
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he refused to talk after the game. although the coach did. >> we have to get him playing time so he can get in football shape an i have to look at the film to tell you how he played but that's one of the reason he plays defensive and tackle position. we have to get him as good as he can be and get in football shape and there's only one way to do it than is to practice and play. the grim reaper comes tomorrow. the roster is doubt cut down to 53. of course tonight is the first big edition of medical school high school sports pinnet, operation football. a full slate of games an the region in dc. we will be at coolidge taking on game two. and in maryland, big montgomery county ball between walter johnson and rockville. and in virginia stone ridge is coming off their appearance. check out the full slate at
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high school as for the college game, virginia tech opened the season by losing to alabama last year. s that the team that won the national championship. this year the hokeys are opening against another team that many believe will go on to win the national championship. that will happen on monday. tech taking on boise state. getting together at fedex field and what may be, many are calling it the biggest football game to take place in the area ever. they know if they can win this one they have a chance to run the table. tonight, remember the between the legs shot that federer hit on monday at the u.s. open. there was a chance to hit it again last night but he opted instead for a more sensible two- handed back hand kind of whip around shot which won him the point there but listen to what he said when he was asked about his choice half the match. >> no, i have something else between my legs [ laughter ]
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>> and i thought 23,000 people in the stands in new york blush and they asked do you have that shot? yeah, we got it. >> we will leave it there. >> quick update for those needing the dmv over labor day. three locations are open 89:00 to noon. they are doing this because of the computer mickup. those are spots open on labor day. >> takes a lot for new yorkers to blush. >> he managed. >> yes. >> the next three days a spectacular weekend. we have talked about it all week. didn't matter what earl did. >> that's all for 9 news now at 6:00. stay with us on wusa 9 for the cbs evening news and of course derek is back with the only local newscast at 7:00. have a great labor day weekend.

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